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SUP Buyers Guide: the best SUPs and equipment in every price range

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Do you have a board that you love or don't care for?

Please let us know!!

We are trying several boards in order to have a great sample of comparison and would love to hear about customer service, quality and performance of your board!

We also would like to ask anyone of you readers who can to answer the following question about the board that you own:

  1. Is it your first board? If not, how does it compare to other boards you have?

  2. How do you like the quality of the material, how would you rank it from 0-10? How about durability?

  3. How about Customer Service, how would you rank it from 0-10?

  4. How do you like the performance of it, how would you rank it from 0-10?

  5. Would you recommend this board for anyone? If not, who would you recommend it for?

  6. What else can you say about it? Pros? Cons?

  7. How would you rank your board overall from 0-10?

Please feel free to send us your questions and angles you would like to see covered on the article.

Fun & Safe paddles!

The SUP Blog Team

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