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What if there was a way to understand SUP locations levels, like ski slopes?

Updated: May 30, 2021

A mountain biking trail rating system: beginners know not to go to double black diamond. Would that work for SUPing? We decided to give it a shot.

SUP Skills & Levels of Difficulty Chart

In a partnership with our friends at SUP Adventures BC we are working on a way to help you make decisions the same way you know how not to go from the bunny hill straight to the double black diamonds when learning snowboarding or skiing.

It will be based on 5 key abilities to SUP adventure:

  1. Forward stroke mechanics and quality / stamina

  2. Safety preparation and self rescuing skills

  3. Maneuvering the board & turning

  4. Understanding of the equipment

  5. Knowledge of different paddling challenges and environments

A draft of how the Skills List will work. Just like the slopes, although the ocean can be more dangerous. Click on the image to visualize it.

From Bunny Hills (small lakes with no boats) to Greens, Blues, and Double Black Diamond: currents, open ocean and surf.

Please feel free to send us your questions and angles you would like to see covered on the article.

We will keep you posted, make sure you subscribe to The SUP Blog.

Fun & Safe paddles!

The SUP Blog Team

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Andrew Woodford
Andrew Woodford
May 26, 2021

Hi, Love the conversations and concepts that were shared on a facebook feed. - always great to bring awareness to the sport and opportunities to talk openly. This was a short blurb from that facebook conversation that I think is worth exploring more in your classification process and thought...

when deciding when and where to go SUPing... it can be a complex matrix of decision making.. the more you learn the more one realizes they need to learn more..

I would say a simple Green - Black diamond model gives some one a glimpse of what the conditions could be like... and I think adding ongoing assessment would be wise for each area..

It’s a complex matrix That can be…

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