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SUP Academy TV: video lessons and personalized coaching, the new generation of SUP Education

Updated: May 18, 2021

In a partnership with the great SUP Education team at SUP Adventures BC, June 14 will mark the launching of The SUP Academy TV.

A comprehensive library of visual resources for SUP Education and SUP video lessons The SUP Academy TV will also offer personalized coaching and remote personalized coaching.

Click here to visit The SUP Academy TV page.

Learn skills such as:

1- SAFETY: equipment and distress signaling

2- Your gear, setting up and preparing for the environment

3- Getting back on your board after a fall

4- Launching from the dock

5- The prone position: paddling like a surfer

6- Knee paddling

7- Basic paddling, stopping and reverse stroke

8- Basic turning and sweep turn

9- Reverse paddle or crossbow turn

10- Efficient paddling for distance and speed: using the right muscles and angles

11- Bracing yourself using your paddle

12- Paddling upwind

13- Paddling on wakes and on swell

14- How to record yourself paddling

15- How to watch your video and self evaluate yourself

16- Docking and launching from a dock: draw stroke

17- Pivot / Stepback turn

18- Paddling with a dog

Please feel free to send us your questions and angles you would like to see covered on The SUP Academy TV.

We will keep you posted, make sure you subscribe to The SUP Blog.

Fun & Safe paddles!

The SUP Blog Team

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