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Safety equipment for day trip

Updated: May 15, 2021

What are the mandatory, emergency and comfort equipment you need to bring to be safe on a fun day of paddling

Safety is the key ingredient of fun in the water. There are essentially 3 groups of safety equipment for a day trip: the mandatory ones, the ones to be used in an emergency and the ones to keep you comfortable.

Remember: always do your local research first, in order to paddle in some bodies of water you must also have a VHF radio.

1) MANDATORY equipment
2) EMERGENCY equipment
3) COMFORT equipment

1) MANDATORY equipment

  1. LEASH: What if strong winds knock you out of your board?

  2. PFD & WHISTLE ATTACHED TO IT: What if you hit a log with a nail on it? How loud can your scream get and do you know about the fines? Being non metallic will make your whistle last longer.

2) EMERGENCY equipment

  1. CHARGED PHONE IN A DRY BAG: What if you are in trouble pushed by current to far away?

  2. TOW ROPE: What if you need a motorized ride after winds pushed you away?

  3. FIRST AID KIT: Make sure it is waterproof.

  4. LIGHTS: In case you have to stay in water for much longer than it was planned, lights are mandatory for every boat for night paddling.

3) COMFORT equipment

  1. EXTRA CHANGE OF WARM CLOTHES IN A DRY BAG: What if you fall on the water and feel extremely cold?

  2. EXTRA WATER AND SNACKS: What if the trip takes longer than planned? Or is it hotter?

  3. SUNSCREEN, HAT AND SUNGLASSES: So you are protected from the sun.

Don't be fined or even lose your life on a quick paddle or a day trip. Always have the 3 groups:

MANDATORY equipment: Like seatbelts and helmets, they are there to save your life and will get you a fine if you don't have them.
EMERGENCY equipment: In the water always have a plan for everything. What if you need to be rescued?
COMFORT equipment: Always be prepared to fall in the water and take way longer than planned — and for a harder workout.

Safe and fun paddles!!

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